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It is the fifth decade that brings the official recognition to the Lladró corporation, for its contribution to the world of ceramic and the achievement of their mission “Queremos que nuestras obras poseen elegancia, que sean expresivas, que rezumen vida, que reflejen los valores positivos del ser humano”.

In 1993 Lladró received the Príncipe Felipe award for Internationalization and in 1997 for Competitiveness.  These awards are considered extraordinary milestones for the corporation, and facilitated the exhibits of Lladró sculptures in different cities throughout the world.

Lladró Brothers with Prince Felipe

The Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, Russia, exhibited the Lladró sculptures and included the “18th Century Coach” and “Don Quixote” as part of their permanent exhibition.  This exhibition is followed by a selection of emblematic pieces in the Valencia Pavilion during the International Expo’92 in Seville, Spain, and also at the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo.


  Don Quixote             Hermitage Museum                  18th Century Coach

Lladró expansion continues during this decade to some of the world’s most significant cities.  By 1996 Lladró opens the Lladró Center in Beverly Hills.

Lladró Center Beverly Hills

The Legend collection is born during this period, combining the delicate translucent porcelain with gold and precious stones.


Wisdom                             Life                           Knowledge


                Peace                              Love                             Imagination

Complex scenes of large compositions like Cinderella’s Arrival is one of the benchmarks in the Lladró enterprise.  This piece is considered “a display of artistic and technical virtuosity.”  The horses reins are gold-plated and the inside of the carriage is completely decorated.  This is one of the biggest pieces, measuring  454364 inches, full of magic, dreams and possibilities.

Cinderella’s Arrival

Lladró remembers Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828), the Spanish painter “regarded as the last of the Old Masters and the first of the moderns,”  through the new Goyescas series bringing  freshness and spontaneity to their original sketches.


Fruitful Harvest                  Gypsy Dancers

Following are some of the 1990s masterpieces by sculptor Francisco Catalá.


Guardian Angel            Outing in Seville              Precocious Ballerina


        Love and Marriage              Venice Vows                   High Speed


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