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Lladró extraordinary success during the previous decades provided hope for a magnificent future.  By 1984 the Lladró founders considered the continuation of their enterprise, and welcomed their respective heirs, Rosa, Mary Carmen and Juan Vicente, to the Lladró Board of Directors.  This transition from parents to children, took place after higher education degrees in Art, Architecture and Business were achieved by the new directors, securing the family business for generations to come.


Rosa, Mary Carmen and Juan Vicente Lladró

Overseas expansion continued during the 1980s, and a joint-venture agreement with the Japanese Mitsui group, started the Asia Subsidiary.  It was followed by China, Australia, and the United Kingdom.   On September 18, 1988 the grand opening of the Lladró Museum became a reality in New York City, located in an attractive 1920’s classic building on the prominent 57th Street in Manhattan.


Lladró Museum – New York City

In 1985, the Collectors Society was created providing additional benefits to thousands of fine porcelain collectors.  The first annual sculpture was titled Little Pals representing a Pierrot with two puppies in his trouser’s packets.  Its popularity made it a tradition and a new piece was offered each consecutive year.

Little Pals

The 1980s also brings new creativity to the Lladró designs, including masterpieces featuring large sculptures and multitude of flowers, which require specialized skills to achieve the superb detail and beauty of each element.  It is the artist’s imagination, sensitivity and technical expertise that make dreams come true in the world of Lladró porcelain.


Muse                     Flowers of the Season                Cellist

Following are some of the 1980s masterpieces by sculptor Salvador Debón.


Pleasantries                Oriental Music


Strol in the Park              A Sunday Drive


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