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It is during the third decade that Lladró porcelain flourished in North America, which became one of the company’s primary markets, and to facilitate this expansion, Lladró purchased 50% of the American Company, Weil Ceramics & Glass.  Years later, Lladró acquired full control of Weil Ceramics & Glass,which became for a while the holding company for the Lladró USA subsidiary.

A new logo, uniting artistic elements with scientific symbols, is created to better represent the mission of the corporation.  It uses the local flower called campanillo, or “little bells” and an early chemical symbol.  Since this logo didn’t include the accent over the ó in the Lladró name, a new version of the logo with the accent and copyright symbol was issued in 1973.  However, by 1977 a third revision was necessary to also include the letters DAISA, the name of the Lladró Company holding the Lladró intellectual property and design rights, which stands for “Diseños Artísticos é Industriales, Sociedad Anónima.”

Lladro Logo - 1971 to 1974   

         1970                                     1974                                      1977

The seventies also witnessed the launch of the new Gres line.   This material used since ancient times possesses different minerals in varying proportions.  Its earth-like colors and the advantages to making large sculptures, without any need for painting, encourages the sculptors to be creative with pieces of special warmth and matte finish.

Experiments with Gres material let to the creation of jugs and also proved to have the flexibility to create high quality figurines.  As all the other Lladró figurines, the Gres collection if crafted by hand and some collectors focus solely around the Gres finish and the tenderness of natural earth tones.



 In 1974, Lladró brings to the market the Elite collection, with extremely sophisticated and complex pieces, reflecting the Lladró artistic essence and creative spirit.


                               The Hunt                   Ducks at the Pond

The third decade brings also to fulfilment the Vase line, and influenced by the oriental culture, recreates flowers and birds of great beauty and artistic value.  Following are images of these vases crafted by Julio Ruiz one of Lladró well-known sculptors.


                    PHEASANT VASE                               PEKIN VASE      


                  MAGNO RED VASE                 FLORAL DECORATION VASE


               ROOSTER-FLORAL VASE                    PARADISE VASE


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