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The 1960’s are characterized by a great demand for Lladro products.  The growth of the company makes possible two major decisions by the Lladro brothers.  The first one (1962) is the creation of a Professional Training School to facilitate its founders teachings, ensuring the continuation of the brother’s creativity and facilitating their success into the future.

By 1965, an international strategy begins with the expansion of Lladro products, into the Canada and United States of America markets, and a new logo is created to include the word Spain and manifest their international aspiration.


The new Lladro Logo

The extraordinary success of this vision makes possible the second milestone of this decade, when the construction of “The City of Porcelain” begins in 1967.  This ground-breaking compound opens its doors October 13, 1969, uniting the industrial unit with the administrative center, and adding recreation and sport amenities for their employees.  Their innovative ideas expand not only to the physical plant of their headquarters, but also to the human resources strategy, promoting their concerns for a better society, by pioneering disabled workers into their work force.

The City of Porcelain

This decade brings a new romanticism with elongated figurines style, very much welcomed throughout the world.

It is by the last year of this decade (1969) when the Lladro brothers visited the United States of America for the first time, consolidating their commitment to international expansion, offering products of beauty and elegance created by their most admired sculptors.

Fulgencio García is one of the first sculptors hired by the Lladro brothers.  We’ll see his style evolution through the different decades, making him an icon and a contributor to the success of the company.  Following is a representation of his works created in the 1960’s.


        Romantic Serenade           Country Girl                Nativity Chorus

                  1960                          1961                                1962


       Horse and Squirrel          Behind the Screen            Insular Lady

                1965                                1966                            1969


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